Every project we do is bespoke: interior design projects should always be unique Although each project is unique, the way it is approached follows a simple formula.

Presenting ideas

Following a meeting with the client to discuss the brief, the design team will research the competition and amass ideas to come up with a concept that fits the brand. This will then be presented back to the client. Once approved, we will draw up a few layout options and put together a sample board of materials and colours. The final stage is to translate the concept into working drawings that can be submitted to a contractor. Working with the local authorities

If required, the working drawings will be submitted to the planning authorities for approval. We have had a huge amount of experience with planning submissions and are aware of the requirements as detailed by building control.

Preparing the schedule of works

A project manager will produce a detailed schedule of works that lays out all the elements of the work needing to be done. Once this has been finalised the project is put into action.

Site supervision

Once the work commence , will be on site to ensure the plans are followed and deadlines are met. This means that any issues that arise on site can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.